Martial Arts

Training martial arts people also need the right nutrients and dietary supplements. It should therefore be provided the ranking of this type of preparations.

In the first place is NitroBolon. The dietary supplement that includes components such as diarginine malate and arginine alpha keto-glutarate, and thus the preparation of precursors of nitric oxide in the body. NO is responsible for the speed of communication between cells. For this reason, the formulation provides a long-lasting effect of the voltage and the “inflation” muscles. In practice, this means that it increases strength and helps build muscle mass. There are, therefore, longer, more intense and more efficient workouts.


In the next place among the recommended preparations for martial arts is L-Glutamine Extreme. It is a complex of L-glutamine with high quality and excellent absorbability. This formulation provides the body with the most important amino acid for muscle building. Protects against loss of muscle mass, what occurs due to wear of muscle proteins during recovery of stocks of L-glutamine. This formulation also supports the regeneration process.


In the third place is 100% Whey Gold Standard. It is an excellent protein supplement, in which there are as many as four sources of protein. This means that the product is a full amino acid profile, characterized by varying the rate of absorption. A high content of branched chain amino acids, as well as glutamine and its precursors makes the formulation of a very high efficiency.